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I started my low-carb diet back in 2015, when I realized I had a severe gluten allergy. A low-carb diet fit my lifestyle and I was starting to get back into a healthy weight, while gaining a noticeable amount of energy.


But with my fast-paced lifestyle and unexpected stressors, I was slowly slipping back into my old habits–eating donuts and sugar-filled coffees.

One day, I was doing some shopping at the grocery store and I noticed some Atkins bars in the health and wellness aisle. I grabbed a couple boxes and had no real expectations. Boy was I wrong. I became obsessed with the delicious bars and it genuinely helped me get back into my routine again! I started to notice Atkins products at Walmarts, Targets, Amazon, gas stations and SO many different locations. I LOVED that these were always readily available, even when I’m in a pinch and that they offer a variety of flavors to fit MY preferences.

I was so impressed by the Atkins brand, and what they stood for, that I went to their website and looked into a diet plan that would fit my needs.

It was so easy–I took a short assessment to see which plan was right for me. It recommended me the Atkins 40.

I appreciated the detailed explanation as to why this plan suit me. It provided me a plan overview and it was SO easy to get started.

Ever since I registered for Atkins, I lost 10 pounds in 2 months! I love the weekly newsletters with easy tips and tricks to stay on track, no matter what is going on in my life.

Atkins has changed my life and it can change yours too!